In a collaboration to delight the senses, indulge yourself in a bevy of rich chocolate flavours, coupled with the finest garden fresh teas. From refreshing mint to delightful nutty textures, enjoy a medley of flavours to tease your palate and satisfy your sweet tooth.


Soklet is India's 1st and only tree-to-bar chocolate maker. Working with purely "Single Origin" chocolate, they are specialist chocolatiers with a keen eye for detail, from the breeding of cacao trees to the tempering of the chocolate bar. Invoking the rich flavours of the tropical regions in which it is grown, Soklet provides only the finest of Indian chocolate. Through this collaboration, McLeod Russel is glad to have met a kindred spirit who shares a love for good terroir and farm fresh products. 


Enjoy your eternal favourites brought together in our Choco Chai Latte, savour our freshly minted Mint Chocolate Tea with luxurious choclaty notes, and go nuts for our Nutty Chocolate Tea!
McLeod Russel introduces 3 mouthwatering new chocolate blends to satisfy your sweet tooth during this season of love.