Where are your teas sourced from?

We have been growing teas since 1869 and all our black teas are sourced from 33 evergreen tea gardens spread across Assam and West Bengal, alongside the mighty Brahmaputra. The finest leaf is handpicked, blended and vacuum packed at our factories within a few hours of manufacture, ensuring the tea in your cup is fresh and flavoursome.

Are your teas certified? 

All our teas are certified by Rainforest Alliance, Ethical Tea Partnership and ISO among many others. We bring you teas that care for you and the planet.  

Are all the ingredients natural?

Yes. Our ingredients range from completely natural to natural identical, and all are certified by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

How many cups of tea are made from a 100gm pack? 

A 100gm pack will allow you to brew 40 cups of premium tea.

Is your tea diet-friendly?

Absolutely. We are gluten free, keto, vegan, and low calorie- whatever your lifestyle choice, our tea is the perfect accompaniment for your day.

How long do you take to deliver once the order is placed?

Our orders are shipped to you with priority, and you can expect your order within 4-6 working days.

What are the shipping fees?

We offer free shipping for any purchase above Rs. 499.

Can I do COD?

Yes. We offer shipping with a variety of payment options, including Cash-on-Delivery.

Is there an expiration date on the products?

The shelf life of our teas is about 2 years. We recommend you store them in a dry location away from direct heat, sunlight and moisture. 

What care should I take while storing tea?

The first and foremost precaution while storing tea is to keep it away from air, light, moisture and heat. Avoid storing tea in the cabinet right above the stove, as the constant heat will affect the quality of the leaves. Store your teas in air-tight containers. Moreover, never put a damp teaspoon back in the container to scoop more tea.

Can tea be reheated?

No. Reheating tea can often steal many of its flavours, nutritional properties and aroma, thus destroying a lot of the beneficial properties of the drink. If you have a cup of tea that has gone completely cold, it is recommended to brew a fresh batch.