All You Need to Know About Black Tea

All You Need to Know About Black Tea
If there is one tea that rules the world of teas, it is undoubtedly the Black Tea. It is consumed in different forms around the world; from regular black tea to iced tea, morning breakfast tea to afternoon tea; the list is endless. With black tea being so widely consumed, it is not surprising to know that there are many facets of this remarkable beverage. Here are but a few:
What Makes Black Tea Different from Other Tea?
Tea comes from the plant Camellia Sinensis, known more simply as the tea bush. Although every tea we drink comes from the same plant, the method of cultivation and oxidation is what brings us the range and variety to create the different kinds of tea we enjoy today. The time rate and the intensity of oxidation are also significant in influencing the colour and taste of the tea.
Black tea is completely oxidised, and this results in the dark amber colour of the beverage along with the robust flavour. Other teas like Green Tea and White Tea are oxidised for lesser periods of time, hence the vast difference in the flavour and colour. They are more suitable for woody and mellow beverages, while Black tea can give you the hit of caffeine and energy. 
Popular Black Tea Blends
  • Earl Grey Tea - A classic in the world of black teas, there is nothing that can go wrong with an Earl Grey Tea. The infusion of Bergamot Oil gives the tea a complex citrus flavour that has grown popular among tea lovers. The Earl Grey Tea is one of the widely sold black teas and is in constant demand. Along with the tea, the flavour of Earl Grey has gained a following with the introduction of Earl Grey flavoured baked goods like cakes and chocolates. 
  • Masala Chai - The Masala Chai is a cultural and culinary revolution on its own. The blend is made of Assam black tea with an infusion of many spices like cardamom, ginger, cloves, star anise and others. Masala Chai is a staple drink of India and is loved with milk. The Black tea is spicy, well balanced and has a refreshing end to it.
  • English Breakfast Tea - A staple beverage not just among the English, but around the world, this black tea is a blend of Assam, Ceylon, and Chinese Black teas to give it a consistent, full-bodied flavour. It is widely consumed with the addition of milk and sugar. The English Breakfast Tea and its many accompaniments, first popularised by Queen Victoria and her ‘Afternoon Tea’, are a treasured staple of English culture and ‘Tea-time’ continues to be commonplace today. 
  • Classic Assam Tea - An orthodox black tea from Assam, it is a luscious and luxurious creation, handpicked and rolled to extract the fine and smooth taste of the signature golden tips. Aromatic and sweet, black Assam teas are wondrous in every way. 
On a concluding note, if you’re looking for a tea with a strong blend that gets you going and allows you to explore the full flavour of your cup, then Black Tea is the tea for you. 

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