Why You should start your morning with English Breakfast Tea?

Why You should start your morning with English Breakfast Tea?

Tea is one of the most beloved beverages consumed across the globe, particularly in India. It is an inherent aspect of every activity - while reading or spending time with friends or when you’re sick and have a sore throat. In the rush of our everyday lives, few things bring as much comfort as a warm cup of tea. It has become the increasingly more popular (and healthier) alternative to black coffee in the mornings. For the one who needs a robust cup to start their day, a cup of English Breakfast is the perfect choice!



English Breakfast tea is a traditional blend of black teas originating from Assam, Ceylon and Kenya. Its flavour is stronger and more robust than those of most other teas, and its rich, malty flavour is said to bring about a sense of alertness in the morning. An excellent English Breakfast black tea is hearty enough to stand up to milk and sugar, the most traditional accompaniments to this blend, though it can also be relished as is.



There's more to it than just a proper, robust brew, however. English breakfast tea offers a significant concentration of theanine, an amino acid that may help a person to relax and bring about a sense of overall well-being. While milder than coffee, it is a strong brew with moderate to high caffeine levels (based on brewing time). It does, however, do a better job at enhancing the effects of caffeine while keeping us calm, sharpening our focus and placing us in a state of alert relaxation.



Seeing as how a pick-me-up has become such an essential part of our daily morning rituals, English Breakfast tea is the perfect cuppa to kickstart your day! Whether it is a bright weekday morning, or a relaxed weekend at home, a cup of English breakfast is just what you need to perk you up and get you started on whatever the day may hold.

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