Best Natural Sweetener for Tea: Honey

Best Natural Sweetener for Tea: Honey

Probably the only thing harder to choose than your tea is what you’ll have with it. We’re used to adding a dash of milk, and perhaps some sugar, but knowing sugar’s obvious downsides, must we continue to have it? No! There is another; the best sweetener for tea, by far, is honey.

People have used honey for centuries not only to sweeten food and beverages but also for its medicinal properties. This golden natural sweetener enhances the flavours of and even adds to health benefits to your favourite teas, and rather like tea, there are just as many varieties to choose from.


Tea and Honey: The Perfect Complement


Honey and Black Tea



A range of black tea types around the world offers a variety of flavours and health benefits and as such, are best paired with more robust honeys. These pairings can also be used to complement their individual flavours. Our Earl Grey tea, for example, has a citrus flavour, as it comes infused with bergamot oil. This tea tastes best paired with orange blossom honey to bring out the citrus flavours.


Honey and Green Tea



Green teas tend to be milder teas with an earthy or grassy flavour profile. For teas such as these, mild floral honeys will help enhance the flavour notes of your tea.   In the case of our Mint Green Tea, you may want to select a Linden Honey to bring out the more minty flavours.


Honey and Matcha



With matcha taking the world by storm, it is little wonder that one might want to know what honey would make for a good pairing. Well, you’re in luck. Due to Matcha containing vegetal notes on a similar vein to green tea, the same mild floral honeys would pair beautifully in enhancing the flavour notes of the tea.

And there you have it, a little guide to your perfect cup of tea, paired with its new best friend! A healthier, tastier way to continue indulging your sweet tooth, along with your passion for tea.

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